Watch Our New Series of 3-Minute Videos

Listen to the farmers who share their stories in this series of five short videos highlighting some of our Berkshire Grown farmers around the county. Help Berkshire Grown support farmers to mitigate climate change, steward the land they farm, and feed their community. Please donate and help us Keep Farmers Farming!

Listen to Topher Sabot, Cricket Creek Farm, tell his story about life on a small dairy farm in Williamstown. DONATE HERE.

Jim Schultz at Red Shirt Farm talks about growing food for the community and how farmers are changing the way they farm in order to address climate change. DONATE HERE.

Peter and Melissa Martin, Dandelion Hill Farm, share their story about their small homestead farm growing goats and vegetables. DONATE HERE.

hear Bruce Howden share stories of the giant Howden pumpkins and his beloved sweet corn. DONATE HERE.

Sharon Wyrrick of Many Forks Farm talks about life on a CSA vegetable farm in the Berkshires. Many Forks Farm participates in our Share the Bounty program. DONATE HERE.

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