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Posted on February 2, 2021 // view all

Tasting room and educational tours throughout the facility and gardens. Offering fresh herbs and botanicals for cocktails and infusions. Custom labeled gins for restaurants. In February 2021, the award-winning maker of a select line of premier craft spirits, Berkshire Mountain Distillers (BMD), will release a trio of whiskeys in partnership with three brewers in the Northeast as part of their Craft Brewers Whiskey Project (CBWP). The five-year collaboration includes the distilling of a dozen different popular beers from a limited group of the country’s top craft brewers across five states. Each addition to the American whiskey collection is the product of a single-sourced craft brew distilled into a unique Berkshire Mountain Distillers whiskey.

For a listing of upcoming Craft Brewers Whiskey Project release dates, tasting notes and in-person tastings, visit and follow Berkshire Mountain Distillers on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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