Throughout this Summer Podcast Series, Berkshire Grown hears from farmers and agricultural professionals from in and beyond the Berkshires to learn about the different ways farmers’ farm and get their products to market.  In these 30-45 minute interviews with Berkshire Grown staff member Andrea Caluori, farmers share their own experiences in the field, in the barn, and marketing their farm’s products.

Episode 1: Emmet Van Driesche, Pieropan Christmas Tree Farm (Conway, MA)
Emmet Van Driesche is an author, spoon carver and owner of Pieropan Christmas Tree Farm in Conway, MA.  Over the last several years he has created a vibrant online community around his spoon carving work, daily podcast, and book published by Chelsea Green Carving Out a Living on the Land: Lessons in Resourcefulness and Craft from an Unusual Christmas Tree Farm.  In this podcast, Emmet focuses on the importance of marketing and different marketing strategies to set your farm and farm craft business apart, as well as different ways to incorporate social media as a meaningful platform into your farm’s marketing plan.  To learn more about Emmet and his work visit or check out his Instagram @emmet_van_driesche. 

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August 9-Episode 2: Sara Davis, Oak Hollow Livestock (Shelburne Falls, MA)
Sara Davis is a goat farmer in the hills of western Massachusetts where she raises Boer meat goats, Saanen dairy goats, ducks, chickens, rabbits, and more! She’s an extremely knowledgeable herdswoman with extensive experience in small ruminant care.  This podcast is meant for the beginner goat farmer looking to get into meat or dairy goats as a viable part of their farming enterprise.  In this conversation, Andrea Caluori, Sara Davis and Sarah Gardner (Berkshire Grown board member & beginner goat enthusiast) talk about what you need to know before getting your first herd of goats. Stay tuned!

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August 16-Episode 3: Evan Thayer-Null, Abode Farm (New Lebanon, NY)
Evan Thayer-Null runs Abode Farm where they combine draft horse and tractor power to grow food for their CSA.  In this conversation, Andrea and Evan talk about their experiences working with draft horses and Evan’s journey as a teamster farming with horses.  This podcast is a conversation between two people who enjoy working with horses and treasure the benefits and challenges of draft power on an evolving farm. Stay tuned!

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August 23-Episode 4: Ben Blaustein of Rock City Mushrooms (Columbia County, NY)
Located at Dogwood Farm, Rock City Mushrooms cultivates three types of mushrooms indoors and sells both at market and to restaurants.  This fun conversation touches on mushrooms as a speciality crop in the agriculture world, how to grow mushrooms and what the current market is like for mushroom farming.  This is a great podcast for the curious beginner farmer interested in mushroom cultivation as a part of a small diversified farming operation. Stay tuned!

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August 30-Episode 5: Susan Sellew, Rawson Brook Farm (Monterey, MA)
In this episode Andrea revisits the topic of goats from the dairy side of things with none other than the incredible and legendary Monterey Chevre cheesemaker and Rawson Brook goat herdswoman, Susan Sellew. This conversation lasted almost an hour (!) because these two really enjoyed talking about Rawson Brook Farm’s beginnings, how Susan got into goats, what it’s like to run a creamery, and a little bit about dairy goats and their quirky personalities. A great listen for anyone curious about getting into dairy goats, whether at the homesteading level or the commercial level.

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