Summer Podcast Series 2021-Susan Sellew, Rawson Brook Farm

Posted on August 30, 2021 // view all COVID-19 Resources // Workshops

August 30, Episode 5: Susan Sellew, Rawson Brook Farm (Monterey, MA).
In this episode Andrea revisits the topic of goats from the dairy side of things with none other than the incredible and legendary Monterey Chevre cheesemaker and Rawson Brook goat herdswoman, Susan Sellew. This conversation lasted almost an hour (!) because these two really enjoyed talking about Rawson Brook Farm’s beginnings, how Susan got into goats, what it’s like to run a creamery, and a little bit about dairy goats and their quirky personalities. A great listen for anyone curious about getting into dairy goats, whether at the homesteading level or the commercial level.

Throughout this Summer Podcast Series, Berkshire Grown hears from farmers and agricultural professionals from in and beyond the Berkshires to learn about the different ways farmers’ farm and get their products to market.  In these 30-45 minute interviews produced by Andrea Caluori, farmers share their own experiences in the field, in the barn, and marketing their farm’s products.

Listen to the podcast here or use the player below.

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