Summer Podcast Series 2021-Evan Thayer-Null, Abode Farm

Posted on August 16, 2021 // view all COVID-19 Resources // Workshops

August 16, Episode 3: Evan Thayer-Null, Abode Farm (New Lebanon, NY)
Evan Thayer-Null runs Abode Farm where they combine draft horse and tractor power to grow food for their CSA.  In this conversation, Andrea and Evan talk about their experiences working with draft horses and Evan’s journey as a teamster farming with horses.  This podcast is a conversation between two people who enjoy working with horses and treasure the benefits and challenges of draft power on an evolving farm.

Listen to the podcast here.

Throughout this Summer Podcast Series, Berkshire Grown hears from farmers and agricultural professionals from in and beyond the Berkshires to learn about the different ways farmers’ farm and get their products to market.  In these 30-45 minute interviews produced by Andrea Caluori, farmers share their own experiences in the field, in the barn, and marketing their farm’s products.

Each week in August, tune in on Monday for the next episode. The series began with Emmet Van Driesche, owner of Pieropan Christmas Tree Farm in Conway, MA. The series will air new episodes each Monday in August – tune in weekly!

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