October E-News: Craft Breweries, Distilleries, and Wineries

Posted on August 19, 2022 // view all News
By Martha Jackson Suquet

Along with local vegetables, fruit, cheese and meat, local beer rounds out the joys of eating local in the Berkshires. We are lucky to live in a region with a wide array of quality craft breweries, each of which combines simple ingredients to blend into delicious, complex beers. For those bourbon-loving friends and wine aficionado visitors, the Berkshires offer high-quality local vineyards and distilleries, too.

Why are the Berkshires home to so many great beverage producers? It’s a combination of creative farmers and craft beverage makers, (some) government support, and a customer base that appreciates the quality and ethos of local beverages.

All alcoholic beverages are the result of a process that’s both simple and complex. A few basic ingredients, carefully fermented and often aged, give us a wide variety of tasty drinks. For beer, it’s hops, grain (often malted barley), yeast, and water. Wine is even simpler: grapes, yeast, and water. And distilled spirits can be made from a variety of ingredients: corn, wheat, sugarcane, even potatoes. On top of those basic components, additional flavorings like fruit, herbs, and spices can be added to create unique beverages.

Read the entire article here and find links to local craft breweries, distilleries, and wineries along with the October E-Newsletter

Pictured is Christine Heaton, co-owner of Big Elm Brewing.

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