Introduction to Holistic Financial Planning

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Introduction Holistic Financial Planning

Tuesday, March 19, 2:00-5:00PM
Community Room, Stockbridge Town Hall
50 Main Street, Stockbridge, MA

$15 for Berkshire Grown members.  **Early Bird Member Special sign up for all 5 Berkshire Grown workshops by February 15, and get 1 free. **   $25 for non-members.
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Holistic Management is a values based decision making framework that helps us optimize our work toward social, economic and ecological wellbeing. This course introduces the important ideas in Holistic Financial planning- planning for profit first, sorting expenditures for impact, testing strategies, and proactively monitoring leading indicators and adjusting plans to ensure outcomes. We will familiarize ourselves with the Holistic Annual Review process, understand how to identify log jams, adverse factors and weak links, and how to budget allocations to inescapable, maintenance and income generating expenses.

Holistic financial planning adds to the utility of other types of business planning, accounting and bookkeeping by helping us see the most important things about what we do and how to support them in ways that will give us the greatest returns on our attention, efforts and resources. It is based on simple learnable skills that deepen with use.

This brief training can change the way we view what we do and can impact our enterprises. Holistic Management is a tool for collaboration, supporting clarity and communication, so bring team members and information on enterprises or projects you are considering.

Presenters: Claudia Kenny and Willy Denner and their children Otis and Mae, operate Little Seed Gardens, a certified organic 97 acre family farm in the Hudson Valley.  Established in 1995, Little Seed Gardens produces vegetables, herbs, heritage breed stock and grass fed beef.  They have been using Holistic Resource Management as a decision making model for Little Seed for the last 20 years.  Claudia and Willy have worked as sustainable food system activists on for profit and non for profit projects throughout the Hudson Valley. They offer on farm mentoring to young farmers.

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