Unpacking the Farm Labor Puzzle: An Intro to Labor Management

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Unpacking the Farm Labor Puzzle: An Intro to Labor Management

with Mary Peabody, Community Economic Development Specialist, UVM Extension

Thursday, March 16, 5:30-8:30 PM
Lenox Community Center, 65 Walker St, Lenox MA
$10 for Berkshire Grown members (all 5 workshops for $40); $20 for non-members.
RSVPs required. Register Here.

Supper will be provided.


One of the biggest challenges in reaching your farm goals is likely related to employees—finding, training, and retaining them. Without employees your growth is limited. Choose the wrong employees and your dreams turn to nightmares. Managing the transition from farmer to boss requires skill, practice and patience. A multi-state research team spent the last two years visiting with small and medium-sized farm operators to learn what labor practices help increase the odds of having a good farm employee experience. In this workshop we’ll take a look at the tips and strategies these farmers shared as their best practices in recruiting, training, and retaining farm employees. We’ll share some resources to help you make better decisions. Bring your questions and your success stories for an interactive discussion.

Mary Peabody, Community Economic Development Specialist, UVM Extension:

Mary Peabody is a community economic development specialist with University of Vermont Extension. She also serves as the founding Program Director for the Women’s Ag Network (WAgN) and the UVM Extension New Farmer project. She started her career with UVM Extension in 1988. Her professional interests include the sustainability of rural communities, distance education using technology and issues pertaining to social/economic justice.


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