Berkshire Grown

Local Goods & Gifts Program

Homegrown Fundraising for Schools and Organizations

Berkshire Grown unites makers of locally-produced goods (from fresh bread to locally roasted coffee, from chocolates to maple syrup) with schools and other fund-raising organizers. Selling locally-produced goods for fund-raising benefits our local economy, benefits your school or organization, benefits the buyers of the goods, promotes civic pride and just plain feels right.

Your organization buys at wholesale prices, sells at retail, keeps the profit and makes our community stronger.

LEARN how to plan and conduct your fundraiser, print out:

CREATE your customized “catalog” by doing the following:

STEP ONE: print out:

STEP TWO: customize your dates and schedule for your fundraiser:

We encourage you to print the General Fundraiser Cover and the Fundraiser Information on the on the same sheet (front and back).

STEP THREE: print out the Sell Sheets and Order Forms you would like to feature for your fundraiser. You can choose all or just a few. We encourage you to print the Sell Sheets on the front and the Order Forms on the back of one sheet. This saves paper, but most importantly makes it easier when you fill the orders.

STEP FOUR: print out your wholesale price list with vendor contact information: Wholesale list 2015

Make sure to refer to your Guidelines print-out for any questions you may have.

Contact Julie Scott at juliannscott at if you have a locally-made product you would like to sell through this program, or if you have questions!

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